Electrics [ Level 3 – BS 7671 ]

Our electrician is registered with


Electrical Installations 230/400V

internal & external

Old Installations Repair

quick localization of the existing installation damages

Garden Lighting

proper choice of lighting to the gardens of all kinds;
lighting setup in the paving stones

Aerial Installation

TV­SAT aerials

Intercom Installation

door stations, voice/videophones

Central Vacuum Systems

comfortable, economical, healthy

Electricity Distribution Plant Installation

main & inside the flat/house

Tel­tech Installations

telephonical and computer network cat5, cat6

Intelligent Installations

systems, automation, communication, intelligent house

Heating Control Installations

central heating, water heating, wireless thermostats, floor heating

Surround Sound System Installations

latest surround systems, wireless music playing in different rooms from your phone application

An electrician is a responsible job. The experience in leading and conducting electrical
works has a vital role. The more you provide electrical services and you do it constantly,
the better expert you become. We have suitable qualifications, we are able to give you
advice and choose the proper installations with the safe sollutions that are compatible
with the UK regulations.
We provide the highest standard of electrical services. Many companies and individuals
have trusted us so far. Trust our advice and our electical services!